Leave it to Desiigner to find a way to bring his brand of high-energy rap to Vogue’s longtime Editor-in-Chief and ultimate fashion legend Anna Wintour.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper scored an invite to the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund panel lead by Wintour alongside fashion brand Stampd who was there to present a wearable tech piece the company had been asked to create. The panel invited finalists who combined futuristic fashion pieces with phones and the internet and asked each label to bring a special guest with them. Most finalists brought social influencers, but Stampd stepped it up by inviting Desiigner as guest and model.

Desiigner quickly took center stage, modeling the suit he was wearing and explaining his tattoo about chasing dreams. “Chase your dreams. It’s a movement, baby,” he told Wintour and the panel. “Chasing every last one of them and catching them.” Fortunately, the rapper didn’t leave the room before dropping an a cappella verse of his single “Tiimmy Turner.” It’s no surprise that Desiigner was able to nail the delivery considering the song originated as an a cappella freestyle.

(via complex)



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